Instructor Training

Contribute to the beauty and wellness industry by mastering the art of teaching and influencing your graduates’ career success.

What Will I Learn

This program will teach you how to effectively teach the subjects normally contained in the Cosmetology and Cosmetology related programs. By the end of the course, you will be able to perform all the activities of a Cosmetology instructor within the different departments of a beauty school.

How Will I Learn It

The Instructor Training program requires the completion of 600 learning hours.

You will work directly with the instructor throughout the course and will learn through observation, interactive demonstrations and exercises, theory sessions, practice and review sessions and exams and evaluations. You will learn how to develop a program of study within your classroom along with effective teaching and learning methods, presentation techniques, the use of visual aids and more. Upon completion of the program, you will be prepared to lead a class.

History of Teaching (6 hrs.)

The Profile of a Master Educator (7 hrs.)

Educator Relationship (6 hrs.)

Developing a Dynamic Program of Study (14 hrs.)

Developing and Using Educational Aids (6 hrs.)

Teaching Skills and Presentation Techniques (50 hrs.)

Results-Oriented Classroom Management (60 hrs.)

Industry Needs and Florida Cosmetology Laws (14 hrs.)

Teaching in a Dynamic Clinic (219 hrs.)

Student Evaluation and Testing Methods (18 hrs.)

Teaching to Diverse Learning Styles (13 hrs.)

Powerful Teaching and Learning Methods (14 hrs.)

Achieving Learner Results (25 hrs.)

Professional Performance Evaluation (12 hrs.)

How to Seek and Obtain Employment (8 hrs.)

Becoming a Professional Educator (128 hrs.)

What Will it Cost

Tuition $4,380
Registration Fee $150
Books & Kit $400
Total $4,930

Federal Financial Assistance is available to eligible students as are interest free payment plans with the school. You may contact an admissions representative for further detail on financing your education or to inquire on your eligibility.

Schedule & Completion Time

The Cosmetology Program may be completed in approximately 9 months by a full time student and 15 months by a part time student. Completion time will depend on your actual attendance.

Full Time 30hrs/week 9am-3pm.
Part-time 20hrs/week 9am-1pm, 1:30pm-5:00pm, 6pm-10pm.

Note: The above schedules reflect the minimum scheduled instructional time students must attend. It may be possible for a student to attend more hours and accelerate their program. For more information, please speak with an admissions representative.